Any animal (not only Dogs) can learn new tricks!

Individual Behavior & Training Consult


Some behaviors are best approached and can only be effectively evaluated from where the animal lives or resides. The individual consultation will last an hour and a half. Rarely will we suggest an individual training consultation for a behavior concern. Most behavior concerns need frequent observation, training, and modifying of the approaches as the behavior starts to change. We will talk about the behavior issue and an evaluation will be given. A training plan will be discussed and put into motion. The individual Behavior & Training Package includes one on-line webinar at no additional charge. One behavior issue per consultation or package. See our other option for a package. This price is for a driving distances of 5 miles or less from The Animal Behavior Center. 1 In-Home Consultation + 1 Webinar = $150

Behavior & Training Consultation Package


This package includes the initial consultation of an hour and a half and 3-1 hour follow up consultations to be scheduled once a week for the 3 consecutive weeks. Each follow up consultation must be scheduled no more than 7-10 day apart unless otherwise discussed. The consistent consults allow for effective training and behavior modification plans to be implemented, changed, and a continuous flow of communication between the trainer, the owners, and the animal. Accompanying the above four consultations is your choice of 2 webinars. Our webinars are very specific, very detailed, and can be picked by you or suggested by us. They make a great accompaniment to the In-Home Consultations. Below prices are for driving distances of 5 miles or less from The Animal Behavior Center. 4 In-Home Consultations + 2 Webinars = $450 For distances of more than 5 miles, please contact us for an estimate. Packages can be customized to your location. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


The Animal Behavior Center
"Visiting The Animal Behavior Center was like a breath of fresh air. Her passion and dedication for providing outstanding care to her animals was reflected in literally every inch of her center. Without a doubt, she has gone above and beyond to ensure that her animals are never without both mental and physical enrichment. The level of care that she provides for her animals should be the standard. While I was at the center, I had the privilege of watching Lara train her animals and mine and it is clear that she is an exceptionally talented trainer. Every interaction she has with her animals, formal training session or not, is flexible and focused on creating an environment in which they are comfortable and empowered.
As a future veterinary behaviorist, I aspire to reach Lara's level of finesse, expertise, and thoughtfulness in every aspect of animal training and husbandry. She is truly in it for the animals."